When Anthony took the SSAT over a decade ago, he never thought it would end up becoming such a large part of his life. After receiving a sub-par grade on his initial diagnostics, his parents decided to get him a one-on-one tutor. The results spoke for themselves: he received a near-perfect score, and didn’t break a sweat when he took the exam. His tutor understood Anthony, his specific learning style, and precisely what he needed to learn in order to get an amazing score. Today, Anthony emulates and perfects that teaching style to get the most from all of his students.

After high school at Andover, Anthony attended Columbia University, where he started tutoring for a large test-prep firm. While the firm had some great strategies as part of its curriculum, they weren’t applied uniquely to each student, and Anthony saw a combination of pure confusion and glazed over looks in each class that he taught. Compared to his one-on-one tutoring experience, these classes were falling short. Anthony moved to a smaller firm where he could tutor students one-on-one, and the results were amazing: he was already improving his students’ scores by hundreds of points on average.

His Junior year at Columbia, Anthony started his own SAT tutoring firm. He personally developed and refined the firm’s curriculum and taught it to all of the tutors who worked for him. In total, his firm has taught nearly 1,000 students, and Anthony has trained over 45 tutors in his unique tutoring philosophy. However, while he has enjoyed running the company and interacting with his clients, his true passion is in teaching students himself.

Anthony’s results are industry-beating. He combines an intensely student-focused teaching method with best-in-class ERB (ISEE) and SSAT strategies and tactics to create unique, powerful programs for all of his students that eliminate their weaknesses and magnify their strengths. He has taught over 200 students from all over the world. Based in downtown Manhattan, Anthony tutors students everywhere using online software, and he’s currently tutoring students in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Japan, China, Australia, and Luxenbourg.